For a list of the 97 Detainees, see Category:Detainees.

The 97 Detainees of Mount Inostranka are the prisoners that are being held on Mount Inostranka. What is known about them is that "They" saved President Elias Martinez and his entourage while he prepared for a press conference. "They" made the airplane that was about to crash into The President and his family suddenly disappear.



It is known that a plane crashed near Mt. Inostranka, in 1944 and there were 97 survivors including Sophia Maguire and Simon Lee. It is also known that they are not exactly human but, they have a 1% difference in their DNA.

After the crash, Sophia spoke with a man named Thomas, whom she had a close relationship to. Sophia was known as detainee #70


Sophia was known at one point, detainee #42. It is unknown why this changed.

Recent eventsEdit

Their leader is the mysterious Sophia, who was last seen with President Elias Martinez at the Presidential Retreat, awaiting the beginning of the press conference.

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