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played by D.B. Sweeney
Alias Carter
Carter M6493
Species Human
Gender Male
Location Dallas, Texas (last known)
Profession Assassin
Status Alive (last seen)
Season(s) 1
First Seen "To Keep Us Safe"
Last Seen "I Know Who You Are"
Episode Count 5 episodes
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Carter is one of James Dempsey's assassins. He and his associates, including Vicky Roberts, were responsible for kidnapping Leila Buchanan to coerce her father to fly Avias Airways Flight 514.



Carter is part of an unknown group that has kidnapped Leila and Samantha Buchanan, killed their mother, Val and coerced Michael into flying Flight 514 into the Presidential Retreat.

In Casualties of War Carter is up on top of the Police Station. He is ready to snipe Sean and agent Collier. Once Sean enters the Police station He opens fire on collier. She fights back shooting him off the roof. Then at the end of the episode he is kidnapped by Sean, Leila, and Agent Collier.

The EventEdit



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