played by Michael Whaley
Species Human
Gender Male
Hometown Yuma, Arizona
Location Yuma, Arizona (last known)
Profession FBI Agent
Status Deceased
Season(s) 1
First Seen "To Keep Us Safe"
Last Seen "Protect Them From the Truth"
Died in September 20, 2010
Episode Count 0 episodes
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Hobbes was an FBI agent and Angie Collier's partner who helped capture Sean Walker in Yuma, Arizona.



September 20, 2010Edit

Yuma, Arizona
Hobbes, along with Collier and local police, swarmed St. Francis Hospital in search of Sean. Sean began to realize the agents were coming for him and sprinted down the hospital hallway. Collier and Hobbes ambushed Sean and told him he was under arrest for Greg Kervin's murder.

In an FBI car, Sean told the skeptical agents about Leila, Vicky, and the plot to kill the President. They disregarded his rant, but when Sean passionately mentioned he was planning on marrying Leila, it clearly resonated with Collier. Further down the highway, an officer intercepted them. Due to a chemical spill, they had to take an alternate route. Knowing they were very close to the site of the plane crash, Sean urged the agents to investigate. The agents ignored Sean's pleas and Hobbed turned around. As Hobbes turned the car around, an RV smashed into them, killing Hobbes, the officer and the RV driver. ("To Keep Us Safe")  ("Protect Them From the Truth")


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