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Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What was the method used to transport Avias 514 from the skies over Miami to Arizona?
  • Why were Sophia and the president spared?
  • Why did the air marshal on Avias 514 return to the mid-galley when it was already engulfed in flames?
  • Who were in the black helicopters that came to the crash site?
  • Where is Samantha?
  • Who is Carter, the mysterious man who killed Greg, kidnapped Leila and blackmailed Michael Buchanan into piloting Avias 514?
  • Who was the couple who brought Sean into the hospital?
  • Why is Sean being framed for the murder of Greg Kervin?
  • Why won't Sophia tell the president about her people?
  • If Thomas had to "take the plane because it was their only option" then who was behind the plot to use the plane to kill the president?
  • What killed the passengers of Avias 514?
  • What was Thomas's goal in killing the passengers in the way they were killed?
  • Why did the detainees crash in Alaska in the year 1944?
  • Why does it appear that after the crash in 1944 everyone in Sophia's group appears to be wearing rags and tattered clothing?

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