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played by Necar Zadegan
Species Non-Human
Gender Female
Profession Lawyer
Status Alive
Season(s) 1
First Seen "Your World to Take"
Last Seen "Face Off"
Episode Count 5
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Isabel is a member of the group of Sleepers who integrated into the general population after the crash. She and Thomas are plotting against Sophia towards their own "endgame". She is first seen as a high-ranked lawyer. She is Thomas' lover, and encourages him in his desire to usurp Sophia's role as leader. Isabel gave Thomas a gun to use on Sophia and sets up a plan to dispose of her body, but he fails to do so. Sophia confronts Isabel and gives her the same gun, but with only one bullet and forces her to shoot herself in the leg as a test of loyalty or be ostracized by their people. However, Isabel remains loyal to Thomas and aids him in his plan to construct the portal array and bring thousands more of their people to Earth, usually seen at his side.

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