Linda Cavanaugh
as News Anchor (2)
Placeholder person
Name Linda Cavanaugh
Season(s) 1
Number of Episodes 1

Linda Cavanaugh played a television news anchor on The Event. She is a newscaster for KFOR-TV Channel 4 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Linda Cavanaugh began her career in 1977 as a general assignment reporter and news photographer at KFOR-TV, before becoming the station's first female evening news co-anchor in the early 1980s. George Washington University honored her for a special report in the late 1980s, in which Cavanaugh was the first non-network journalist from the United States allowed in the Soviet Union under their new "glasnost" in how much of Oklahoma's wheat crop was ending up on the tables of Russian families. the project with its Weintal Prize for Diplomatic Reporting.

In the early 1990s, Cavanaugh became the first television journalist that was allowed to photograph ancient Indian rituals that had been closed to non-tribal members, shown in a twelve-part series called "Strangers In Their Own Land".

In 1995, Cavanugh traveled to Vietnam and became the first American journalist allowed in the Hanoi Hilton, a POW camp where many American officers spent their final days; and was accompanied by former POW Dan Glenn, a Navy pilot who spent six years as a prisoner.

Cavanaugh was also known for her investigative reports in the late 1990s on health conditions inside Oklahoma restaurants called "Behind Kitchen Doors", which resulted in changes in the law and moved lawmakers to open inspection records of the Oklahoma Department of Health and Human Services so consumers could be aware of health code violations in restaurants.

She made a cameo as herself on NBC's series "The Event" in the episode titled ""Your World to Take"."

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