We are looking for new logos for THEtvEVENTwiki and our Twitter page. Get your crayons out (digital ones, that is), lend a hand and your design could end up featured on our home pages. We'll have users vote on the designs and a winner will be picked at the end of November.

Submission GuidelinesEdit

Follow these guidelines to submit your design:

Design Edit

  • Use the wiki's current color scheme: #2B53B5, #333333, #0B0B0B
  • Make two complimentary designs: one for the wiki, one for the Twitter page
  • The logo must be your original design. It must be considered fair use under United States copyright law.
  • The logo must be related to The Event.
  • Incorporate "THEtvEVENTwiki" into your design
  • The logo must not use inappropriate words or images.

Format and size Edit

You can create a logo using any image editing software that allows you to save files in .png format.

Image size
The wiki logo must be exactly 250 x 65 pixels.
The Twitter logo can have a maximum size of 60 x 60 pixels.
File format
Save the image in .png format. (Note that the ".png" file extension must be in lower case. If it is saved as .PNG you should rename it before uploading it.)

Submitting Edit

  • Upload and place your logo under the "Submissions" Section below using this format: [[Image:filename|left|thumb|~~~~]].
  • Place your uploaded file in the category [[Categroy:LogoContest]].
  • You may also email your files to

Make sure that you are logged in when you upload and include your signature so we can verify that the logo is your original work.


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