Songs featured within episodes of The EventEdit

Below are the commercial (non-original) tracks featured in episodes of The Event. Songs are listed in chronological order of their first appearance by episode.

Season 1Edit

Song Title Artist Episodes featuring Sources
"Genghis Khan (No Choir)" Audiomachine "Series Trailer"[1] The Presidential Assassination attempt
"Breath and Life" Audiomachine "Series Trailer"[1] Sean and Leila at the beach (The Disappearance)
"Legions Of Doom (No Choir)" Audiomachine "Series Trailer"[1] Mount Inostranka (The CIA Cover-up)
"Guardians at the Gate" Audiomachine "Series Trailer"[1] The President meets Sophia & Sean takes off
"Molecular Destruction" Audiomachine "Series Trailer"[1] End montage


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