Status Photo Character Name Actor
Add a photo Aaron Sam Ball
Add a photo Agent Hobbes Michael Whaley
1.02-CollierCapturesSean FBI Agent Angela Collier Heather McComb
Add a photo Berg Peter Murnik
Add a photo Bernard (Pharmacist) Drew Wicks
1.02-CarterMichaelLooking Carter D.B. Sweeney
1.04-JarvisEliDoctor CDC Doctor Rosalind Chao
1.02-LeilaDrugged Cruise Ship Security Officer Joseph C. Phillips
1.04-Taylor10C Dan Taylor Gonzalo Menendez
1.07-DempseyVicky Dempsey Hal Holbrook
Add a photo Erika Jarvis Kathleen Quinlan
Add a photo Dr Taylor Eyal Podell
1.07-EdmondSterling Edmond Sterling Madison Mason
Add a photo Eva Lorena Segura York
1.04-FakeUSMarshall Fake US Marshall Rick Peters
Add a photo Fred Decosta Casey Siemaszko
Add a photo General Addington Sam Hennings
Portal-Whitman General Whitman Tony Todd
Portal-GregKervin Greg Kervin Wes Ramsey
Add a photo Isabel Necar Zadegan
Add a photo Jerry Boersma Michael Cummings
1.06-SimonJustin Justin Murphy Scott Michael Campbell
Add a photo Laura Sterling Scarlett Chervat
1.03-514FlightAttendant Maureen Donovan Angel Desai
1.06-Madeline Madeline Jackson Paula Malcomson
1.03-MayaComesToWilliam Maya Clea DuVall
Add a photo Mary Stern Bonnie Root
1.06-SimonMike Mike Dondre T. Whitfield
Add a photo Molly Dixon Lauren Stamile
Add a photo Mrs Larsen Deborah Van Valkenburgh
1.02-HospitalNurse Nurse Leanne Timmons Amy Sloan
Add a photo Officer P. Nugent unknown
Add a photo Officer P. Nugent William Russ
Add a photo Paul Stern josh Randall
Add a photo Peter Geoffrey Blake
Add a photo Rachel Wynn Everett
1.04-ValerieBuchanan Valerie Buchanan Julia Campbell
Add a photo Vicky's Boss Vyto Ruginis
Add a photo Vicky's Partner Graham Shiels
1.06-Violet Young Violet Holland Roden
1.06-OlderViolet Older Violet Salome Jens
1.03-WilliamBargains William Omid Abtahi

Status Photo Unknown Characters Actor
Add a photo unknown Rigo Sanchez

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