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Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Who sent the "marshals" to the Yuma FBI Field Office to retrieve Sean Walker?
  • What is it that Sophia says she should have told the president when she had the chance?
  • What knowledge does William have, that if revealed, would make Sophia believe she and her people would be killed by the humans.
  • How was it that those on Avias 514 were made to look dead?
  • Why did Thomas make it appear the passengers on Avias 514 were dead?
  • How did Thomas arrange for all the Avias 514 passengers to revive at the same time?
  • Sophia obviously approved using their technology to transport Avias 514 as a last resort to saving the president, and that doing so would reveal there are more than the 97 detainees at Inostranka who make up her people. Why would she do something that would reveal this secret?
  • When Vicki had Leila in her van driving to port, where were they coming from?
  • What happened to Maya?
  • Why did nobody intervene when Maya killed William?

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