The Event is Coming is a website related to the premiere of The Event. The site appeared in Google searches for Mount Inostranka beginning July 27, 2010. The domain is registered to Domains by Proxy, a company that publishes their contact information for a domain registration in place of the actual registrant.



Screen Capture of Website

The main page of the website is stylized after "Google Maps" and divided into sections: Photos, Articles, a map of the facility and a search bar of the top. Searching for the title of any of the photos, "Sterling" or "Martinez" takes the user to a splash page for another site. The animation ends with the phrase "What is the Event?" in white text and "Search The Ev3nt." in red text. The red text is a link to the producer's site for NBC's The Event .




  1. Avias Air: a photo of the tail of an airplane
  2. St. Lucia Pitons: picture of a mountainscape
  3. Trident Cruise Lines: the cruise line on which Sean and Lelia take their vacation
  4. Miami - Party: a photo of President Martinez and his wife at a party


  1. Mount Inostranka facility:
  2. Martinez names Sterling as Director of National Intelligence
  3. First Lady Christina Martinez is Guest of Honor at Charity Gala
  4. Martinez Announces Candidacy for President

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