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Unanswered Questions on The Event


Season 1Edit

Episode 1 "I Haven't Told You Everything"Edit

For theories and to answer questions, see [[I Haven't Told You Everything/Theories]].
Major QuestionsEdit

Where did the plane go?
What is it Sophia hasn’t told the president?
Who/What are the 97 Detainees of Mount Inostranka?
Where is Leila Buchanan?
What is The Event?

Minor QuestionsEdit

Who left the gun for Sean Walker?
How did Sean Walker learn that Michael Buchanan was going to pilot the plane and to crash the plane into the President's residence?
How was Michael Buchanan arranged to pilot the plane bound to kill the president?
How is Simon Lee connected to the detainees at Mount Inostranka?
How did Simon learn of Michael's plans to kill the president using an airliner?
Why does Michael look so nervous as he splashes water on his face right before intruders enter his residence?
Who sent the two intruders to kill Mrs. Buchanan and kidnap Samantha Buchanan?
Who caused the control tower to lose power?
Who gave the president the file containing information about Mount Inostranka and the detainees kept there?
Was Vicky Roberts really drowning?
Was the cast on the arm of Vicky's boyfriend, Greg, really due to an injury or was it a ruse to get Vicky alone with Sean for snorkeling?
How was the entire radar system for the Eastern Seaboard disabled?
What happened to the engagement ring left by Sean in the safe of Sean and Leila’s cabin?
Are Jason and Marla Olsen linked Leila’s disappearance?
What is the significance of the address given by Jason and Marla Olsen to the cruise ship?
Who is Sean talking about when he tells Michael “they can’t be trusted?”
What caused the fighter pilot’s jet to malfunction?
Who is Sophia talking about when she says “they saved us?”
Are the digits used in the flight number, gate number, room number, addresses and zip codes, and the number of detainees significant?

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